In the early 1990’s, I went to Moab with a group of friends. It was my first real bike trip. I was hooked after my first ride and I knew I wanted to leave the damp Northeast for the sunny Rocky Mountains. Since that trip, I’ve been immersed in everything bike. Whether racing, wrenching, engineering or just day-dreaming, life was, and still is, all about bikes!

The FlowZone is an accumulation of all my past and present experiences in one happy place where I take pride in being able to offer very personalized service. I never pass up an opportunity to chat with customers about the way bikes have transcended our lives. I believe this personalized approach is the most successful way to improve riding experiences and advance customer relationships. I look forward to working with you.

Happy trails !

Ethan Franklin, owner of the FlowZone

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16948 South Golden Road, Unit B

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