Dropper Post

We offer Full service on Rock Shox Reverb, KS-Lev, Fox Transfer and 9point8 dropper posts. For other brands please contact us.

The dropper post is one of the most revolutionary additions to the mountain bike next to Paul Turners RS1 suspension fork in 1989.

But, they need to see service like all suspension components on a regular basis to keep them operating at top efficiently.

Rock Reverb external route

100 hour 139
400 hour 169

Rock Shox Stealth

100 hour 149
400 hour 169
simple clean/lube/new lower bushing/foam seal outer tube 89


External or Stealth complete overhaul 159
Simple clean/lube/adjust outer tube 59

Fox Transfer

Fox Transfer: 125hr or 1 year 169
Fox Transfer: replace upper bushing, main seal & keyways 79

9Point8 Fall Line

Fall Line full rebuild / Incl V2 nut update 149