Here at The Flow Zone, we specialize in mountain bike suspension service, parts and tuning for most manufacturers. Rates below are for the most common, if you don’t see your manufacture listed, please call or email us.

We are Maverick Bike aficionados! We make custom suspension parts and have many updates and upgrades specifically for Maverick frames and suspension. It’s always a great time to get that old Maverick running like new! Call or email with any Maverick related questions.

To avoid that dreaded “it doesn’t look good” diagnosis, we recommend yearly suspension maintenance. If you encounter nasty conditions more than a few times a year, bring in your bike for a thorough check-up and we’ll have you lovin’ your suspension again in no time.

Repair rates include basic service kit and installation, fresh oil and a full inspection. To ensure quality, all suspension is cycled tested on our custom hand dyno. If additional parts are needed, we will contact you for approval.

FOX Fork

32 & 34mm series 145
Fox 36 155
FIT damper (out of fork) 45
FIT cartridge tune 45
RC2 / Grip & Grip2 damper service *during time of overhaul 55-75

RockShox Fork

32mm 145
35mm 155
RS1 inverted 145
Charger & Charger 2 damper 75-85
Charger damper re-tune* (at time of service) *45
Custom tune non charger 20
Install Push HC-97 damper into Charger 2 75-85

Fox Shocks

Air can only (no X2) 70
RP series Triad etc 145
Trek DRCV RP CTD Re:Active 165
Fox Float DPS series - All Boost Valve shocks 155
Fox Float X / DPX2 155-165
Fox Float X2 full service - 2019/20 add $20 165
Fox DHX2 coil 160

RockShox Shocks

Air can only 70
Monarch & non reservoir 145
Monarch with reservoir 160
Deluxe / Super Deluxe models 160

Cane Creek

Air can only / DB & Inline (IL) 90
CCDBa/CS and Coil - Full overhaul 185
CC-Inline (1st Generation) / Update kit - new air piston/damper sealhead 175
CC-Inline (1st Generation) / Full update kit - new blk edition 265
CC-Inline (IL-all black edition) Standard service with damper 175
DBA & Coil update eyelet ends to 15mm 20 per end

Maverick Suspension Fork

DUC & SC32, expert tune* (*no SS QR Links) 155
DUC & SC32, pro tune* (* adds alloy sealheads) 220
DUC & SC32, the works *(All bells and whistles) 290

Maverick Rear Suspension

ML7.0 109-139
ML7.2 119-169
ML7.5, ML8, Durance 119-189

Ohlins MTB Suspension

Rear shock STX 22 Air - Air can only 85
Rear shock STX 22 Air - Complete 185
Rear shock TTX 22 M Coil - Complete 175
Fork RFX 27.5 - 29 Air/Coil - Lowers w/seals 155
Fork RFX 27.5 - 29 Air/Coil - Complete 195