We love wrenching on bikes! And we believe that dedicating quality time with each customer helps us understand the subtle relationships between bike and rider. Better communication leads to a better end product, and that allows for more time in the saddle.

Our machine shop enables us to make super custom parts or that odd piece that needs replacing. Here at the Flow Zone, we focus on the details, if we can make it, we will.

We are a big proponent of ding, dent and suspension protection! We make custom suspension linkage protectors from various materials and we use tough helicopter tape for frame protection. We are also finicky about cable routing — even internal routing can be tweaked for optimal performance.

We love building custom bikes, ahhh the smell of fresh parts. From start to finish, we’ll sweat the small stuff. Let us make your new bike, or old, quiet, smooth and bullet proof.

Our general shop rate is $75 per hour. But we like to think outside the box. The more you let us customize your ride, the better flexibility we have with our pricing. Not many, if any, shops can offer this type of economical service.


Expert tune up 95
Pro tune up 175
Pro bike build 175-250
Wheel build 35-55
Brake service 25-50


Suspension linkage protector 30-130
Frame protection 25-125